Art on the Walls

The clean lines of mid-century modern furniture and homes are an attraction for some people. They want their lives at home to be less complicated, and it is often reflected in their favourite choices of furniture and accessories. For those who have decided to plunge into this particular style, art on the walls is generally matched to it. Rather than displaying portraits that look like photographs or minutely detailed landscapes, this type of art has its own clean lines that match with the rest of the house.

Spare lines are a big part of mid-century modern art, and colours can range from striking shades of neutrals to bold palettes. Each line is definitive, and the pieces can be straight modern art, or they can be whimsical. The entire premise of this artistic style is to keep the lines clean while projecting a subject or theme. It can seem bare to some people, but fit within the right setting makes it stand out to others.

The simplicity of line does not necessarily mean the simplicity of the subject. Conveying one or more messages within a picture or painting is part of what can be attractive about this style. While a particular picture could show a spare line drawing of a cat, the surrounding embellishments provide the emotional content for the viewer. A surprised cat might be surrounded by outsized stars, or a sleepy cat could be hovering above a pillow. The message comes through within the lines.

Geometric shapes can also be a part of this art form, and they are generally overlapping. Several different colours may be present, and they need not all be in harmony with each other. Bold or pastel, their goal is to accentuate the clean lines within the forms. The message is that even with many differences in the world it can still create harmony among the separated parts.