Creating Floral Displays

The trend in mid-century modern is all about clean lines, but sometimes people forget it is also about bringing the outdoors into the home. Large windows, lush outdoor greenery, and beautiful rooms full of natural light are all part of the attraction. One way to enhance the style of a home is by creating floral displays that bring colour and greenery into the house, and they can be created out of materials that never need water or have to be changed once they wilt.

Silk flowers are a lovely way to decorate a small niche or add beauty to the dining room. Stores may have them for sale, and florists are often a good supplier for those who would like to buy an indoor plant and enhance it with a bright spot of colour. It takes hours to create even one silk flower, but it can be done as a craft for those interested in taking the time to learn.

Recreating any part of nature is often more complex than people realize, and silk flowers are no exception. They are beautiful, last a long time, and they are also expensive to purchase. Creating them at home will take time, but their longevity is one element in their favour. Just a few small silk flowers in brilliant colours can be used in many different greenery displays throughout the year, and that alone can be a reward for the hours spent fashioning each one by hand.

Plastic flowers can be used in place of silk, but they do not offer quite the same level of elegance expected in a mid-century modern home. While real flowers can add a pleasant air, the ease of silk offers a different type of class that will last longer. Purchasing or creating these beautiful pieces at home is an investment for the long term, and they should be considered an important step in creating the perfect look in a mid-century modern setting.