Matching Pottery Styles in Home Decor

While most cultures developed their own pottery styles, not all of them were coveted for home decoration. Chinese and Japanese pottery and dishes had traditional and ornate styles that were proudly displayed in many homes. Generally a base color of white or red was embellished with ornate designs in intriguing styles that suggested exotic lands to many Westerners. These pottery pieces fit into the European and American furniture and architectural styles for many years. They enhanced the ornate craftsmanship that was built into homes throughout the West.

During the years that followed the last World War, there were many changes in how people of the West viewed the world. Architects were in the vanguard of the new styles of homes and building materials. They adapted the easily accessible and affordable materials to combine light and nature into spacious dwellings. Their style was simple without being primitive and created a sense of lightness and optimism in the home marketplace. This was the beginning of mid-century modern style.

Today, it is fashionable to recreate the mid-century modern style. Artists who manufacture accessories to match the furnishings have a large array of colors to give their ceramic and glass pieces a vintage feel with modern materials. Painting and decorating these pieces is also a process that produces a vintage look. Using glass decals or glass transfers with simple lines completes these pieces for an authentic look in the modern era.

The mid-century modern design style features light and clean lines to make a statement of optimism. Neutral tones in building materials extend space and make room for the natural environment outside the home to enter freely. Color and warmth are achieved through accessories that provide a large burst of color in a small space. Intact vintage pieces are not always available and are generally an added expense. Modern craftsmanship and technology provides the tools to recreate these accessories with updated, vibrant colors and the clean lines necessary to make them the new icons in this modern style.