Fun Fabric Pillows

The beauty of mid-century modern design is in the clean lines, but bringing the outside world into the home is also an important part of it. While the richness of greenery is part of the enhancement of this style, it does not encompass the full range of color. Many of those who made this a popular design for modern living in the last century concentrated on adding pops of color to keep the home looking warm, and fun fabric pillows were often an important addition. Rather than just drawing the eye to a particular area, they are a functional item that can be used in many different ways.

Creating pillows is easy enough today, so many of those who love to do home crafts find that sewing is their only need. They can choose from a wide range of fabrics at commercial stores, or they can use several different dying methods to create their own patterns. Even mixing fabrics can give them a fun hobby that produces amazing results when they place their items on display in the home.

Dying fabrics has been a favorite for those with an eye for color, but not all people are interested in doing it. For those who love sewing as a relaxing hobby, pillows hold a particular fascination. They can create simple designs with a bold pattern, or they can fold and sew the material to create texture. Some find that combining several materials in one pillow gives them the color they want with a texture that can be enjoyed with the hands.

Relaxing with a favorite beverage and reading a book might be even better while resting against a pillow, or using one to make the floor more comfortable when playing could be perfect for a child. Any item in the home that has more than one function is a good accessory, and pillows can also add a layer of warmth and beauty to their surroundings.