The Comeback of Mid-Century Modern

People building and remodelling their homes have driven the trend to revive the mid-century modern style, and this trend shows little sign of slowing down. Clean lines with pops of colour provide an uncluttered look that appeals to many in the modern world, and interior designers are hard pressed to find good accessories to complement their work. Some will take the time to hunt out pieces of English fine bone china that will provide the colour focus they need, but others have turned to local artists to create the pieces they desire in porcelain and bone china.

The appeal of this style is in the lack of confusion or ornate embellishment that shrinks space, and many people are choosing this look for their homes. The eye must have a focus, and modern decorators and designers often choose fine porcelain pieces to create this effect. New glazes and methods of application make today’s porcelain pieces stand out, and they have become the perfect accessories for any room done in this style.

Dining rooms have again become a popular place to gather, and fine bone china is a necessity. Antique pieces are generally used in a showcase, but people want china sets that can be used every day. They are seeking colourful sets of fine bone china, and artisans and crafters work to fill this need. While they have a wide selection of bright colours to use, the translucent beauty of these pieces still shines through. They are the perfect dishes to complement the modern dining room.

The world has become increasingly chaotic, and the clean lines of mid-century style make the home a sanctuary. This is a large part of the trend to recreate this style, and it appears it will continue to thrive. Designers who are hard pressed to find furniture and accessories that have survived over the years have now turned to modern artists to recreate the pieces they need.